Risk Management Services

At Kaizen Solutions Group, our expert Cybersecurity and IT Risk Management professionals help make the compliance process a means to your ultimate goal – effective risk management and strengthening your organization’s security posture. We provide both compliance and risk management by automating the compliance process and providing risk management workflows to guide you through the mazes of regulations, relevant procedures, and applicable policies on your path to risk management. We will help you meet the latest OMB mandates and FISMA requirements, following updated Federal directives and NIST guidelines. Additionally, we help our non-government and commercial clients achieve compliance with stipulated regulations that impact them directly, such as, SOX, NERC, ICFR, ISO, ITIL, PCI DSS etc. Our approach to risk management and compliance is comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective. Our approach entails streamlining and automating business and IT processes, as well as designing and implementing effective control and risk management frameworks to gain maximum efficiency.

All our service offerings build up to comprehensive solutions that enable you to meet continuous monitoring requirements with real-time reporting. From vulnerability assessments to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC), from threat modeling to continuous monitoring, Kaizen is your trusted risk management advisor. Let us help you protect your agency and bring the same level of defense we’ve shared with the rest of the Federal Government.

Kaizen’s expertise include: